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Felt like writing, so started. We are still doing Covid tests as our jobs entail us to do twice a week. Every time I do one I am nervous. We have had quite a few patients telling us they have been positive. They are getting well and that is a great success of modern world. I am sure we all have gone through harrowing times in the pandemic and still get a chill down the spine thinking about the deaths we have faced.

I never knew about zoom and teams before Covid and now it seems there is no getting away from it. It will remain a way of having group discussions and meetings. Professional meetings make so much more sense on tech platforms. Beneficial in so many ways. We have learnt some good things during the pandemic, surely they will remain and serve the greater good.

Some days when I have done a lot of odd jobs around the house it makes me feel good. Today I did a bit of ironing, then tidied up one room. Probably all in all very little work but makes me feel happy.

I haven’t been exercising much this week, only walking. The weeks I finish a set of six to eight week programme from Beachbody on Demand, I do tend to take a break. After about two weeks or so I will miss it and will get back into it, in an even more enthusiastic frame of mind. I like doing resistance with cardio most weeks.

I was talking to a friend and we got on to discuss how we can all have dilemmas in life but we should gather our thoughts and be in the present moment. Have a great evening everyone. Be happy.

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