Living with Covid

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Covid Infection is all around but we are at least living with it to some extent in a bit normal way.

In my lifetime this is perhaps the greatest success of vaccine that I have seen. People stopped dying once the vaccine was here. The severity of the disease was curtailed. Vaccine has let us live normally.

Washing hands was always a thing, but now we don’t need to reinforce in the younger generations. They are doing it almost automatically.

Keeping windows open and letting ventilation through closed spaces also helps. I do this even at work. I feel safer for patients and myself.

Masks are on their way out but I feel, when there are large crowds of people, it should be worn. At work we still wear it because a lot of our patients are vulnerable and elderly. They need to be protected.

Keep yourself away from people if you feel ill, you may have covid so best to keep others safe.

I do pray to God we don’t have to go through another lockdown and restricted life. It was a nightmare that we have fought our way through. Be careful and look after yourselves.

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