Don’t give up.

New shoot coming through.

I love the orchids that we have but I was giving up on them. I went to water it thinking it is taking too much space, I saw the shoot with buds coming through. To start a morning with such optimism is all what we need nowadays. It lifted my spirits.

In full bloom.

In the living room, this yellow golden orchid looks so charming and definitely spreads a calmness around it. My kids can get allergies to various things so we are careful in keeping plants in the house. Thank goodness they are alright with orchids.

Greenery does bring a lot of happiness in the house. In our garden I have seen the daffodils coming through. I would love to dedicate more time to our garden this year. It is a great hobby and probably a good workout too. Let’s see how much I can do this spring. Much happiness to you all.

4 thoughts on “Don’t give up.

  1. Beautiful orchids! When I got up yesterday, I looked at the window and watched the snowflakes coming down. The snowflakes put a big smile on my face! Milo my catch had a smile too. Now a days, it’s the smallest things that can uplift people’s spirits.
    Keep us posted on your orchids. 🌺

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