Cold rush.


green trees and mountain

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A beautiful crematorium has been built in our town, drove past it today. Its over a huge area and done up in so much grace and dignity. Low lying buidlings in a sombre brown grey colour . My thought was – so this is where I will be ending up.

Nice thought or not . I don’t know. But definitely the biggest ever truth that is known about me or you . I actually felt a cold rush going through my body and felt completely free of everything. I really don’t need to care about anything so much. I get a nice kitchen or not. I get my weight down or not. Will have to end up in a box and in through the crematorium. My ashes will be all that will be left .I actually saw myself in ash form in a casket.

Need to be happy to see myself in ash form. Best way I feel I can be happy is by giving something. Haven’t done foodbank shopping in ages- I am going to do that today and feel better about my life. Love your life as it is. No need to compare and be envious about stuff. Love others as they are. No need to add an IF or BUT with everything in life. Its in your hands people to be happy as you are. GO FOR IT.




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