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pile of assorted varieties of vegetables

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The half pant and shirt on the thin looking boy who always looks  much younger than his age and has the brightest smile and sharpest voice – shouts out same time everyday early morning , ”wake up get your vegetables, all fresh and green and at the best price- what are you waiting for ”. At your door step used to come the vendor with a big basket on his head with the most beautiful vegetables almost straight from the fields. Thats what will be cooked . You would eat whats in the season . Very satisfying. Very healthy. Very simple.

Life was so simple when I was growing up. Variety is the flavour now , no no its called choice. I call it confusion. Even bananas can make you go bananas. I eat bananas is that not enough that I need a choice in them too. Quiz competition can be on names of apples. May be I am much too sorted and cannot care what kind of orange I eat. Oranges will be oranges what ever you call them.

Though I needed to buy a toaster recently – red , grey, white, cream, black, steel and then prices, then the vintage look to smart look. Have a check online too. Look for sales. Two or four bread. I really don’t want to buy anything .I will make do with my old one. It still works but even I am changing with changing times my toaster. No, not anymore. So much confusion.I am done.

Unless I am desperate for something then only I go shopping. How do you all decide what to buy ? There are so many things to consider. One thing I feel is that these days, things don’t last too long be it computer to fridge to toaster so no need to buy the most expensive item .Efficiency goes down in few years. Better energy ratings come in few years.

I am not even going to go into clothes shopping. Retail therapy has become asos’ed completely. Promo code , discount code, student card and sales – enough confusion. I will wear my old pair again. Do I have to wear new clothes in every party? It was so much easier when I was a kid- my parents bought us clothes only during festivals and birthday. These days every night out needs new clothes. I hope there aren’t too many of these parties.

Well whatever said and done, variety brings happiness and makes life so much more intersting. Enjoy the bananas, toasters and clothes as much as possible. I still miss that little boy with the vegetables though.



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