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We are perfect in our imperfection.     

Megan Mccafferty

Am I perfect? Can I be perfect? What is perfect? I don’t know the answers.

I know what is imperfect. It is so easy to find the negatives in ourselves. If somebody tells us our negatives we get glued to it, totally latch on to it. If I make a mistake I only think about that one incident but forget all the good that went on. Negative incidents, imperfections is what makes us what we are. We learn from these and they shape us for the future.

Some people on the other do not see any of this. If you point it out to them they act by lashing back with your negatives rather than actually understand how their negatives impact on others. But should I point out other peoples negatives to them. May be if it impacts me and my surroundings.

Politicians only lash at each other. Calling names and defaming policies, when, for sure their motives is the best for the citizens and the country. They can get offensive and so then I totally loose interest in them.I can’t tolerate offensive behaviour and do not like people who raise voices and use foul language. These imperfection surely can’t shape you though.

When I pray to God – I always ask for right thinking and to show me the right path. I always wish to help myself with positive criticism. Will not condone imperfections which can be helped so it is not used as an excuse. Most of the time if you think you are imperfect , you will be suprised to know that it probably is the most important thing that has made you what you are today. Learn to accept yourselves as you are. Be happy.

6 thoughts on “Can I help

  1. Nobody in this world is perfect. Pointing negatives in a negative way is negative and this hurts. Reaction is bad and should not happen but again human beings are not perfect.

  2. Yes, we humans have a habit of latching onto criticism, and sadly, instead of latching onto it, and improving those aspects, we keep mulling it over, until we forget the good stuff…..

    Nice post, liked reading it. ☺️☺️😀

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