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Magic is the word that describes London for my family. We all love the place. Almost every year we tend to go for about four to five days and live the city life. Train down takes no more than three hours.

After many years we decided to go back to the Tower of London. History and the jewels make the place so mysterious. The towers, ravens, war stories and weapons left us so awestruck by the past. Absolutely loved doing the whole tour on our own.

Simply walking through Regent Street, Oxford Street ,Bond Street is so beautiful. We saw the flagship Louis Vuitton shop opening and the cocktail party. No of course not we were not invited .The splash of colours over the corner building is so striking. Very much in keeping with its other new flagships , recently saw the one in Los Angeles.

25000 steps each day is a guarantee in London even after taking the tube for various parts. Museums are so wonderful- be it Natural History, Science. Everytime we go they look different with their exhibits. Harrods always a treat to walk through. Hyde Park , Marble Arch looked amazing in the cool breeze and dusk lights. Never have I seen a city with more iconic buildings and landmarks. Blue round plates on buildings will tell you about the famous people that stayed in the past- they are fascinating to imagine. Paintings in National gallery are always fresh and such a treat to walk through.

London is a very big place. Primrose Hill can tell you on a clear day about the vastness of the city.The view is stunning and the walk up to it is even nicer , especially in autumn walking through Regents Park. Camden Market is the most quirky place in the world I have ever seen. Love the hustle and bustle . You can eat any cuisine of the world in there.

London always throws something new at us. Holidays there have been so mesmerizing each time we have gone . No wonder we keep wanting to go back . Happiness and enthusiam all around in the place is what attracts us to this place.

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