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Friday morning is hectic most weeks but yesterday we woke up much in time and got ready also very much in time. I do drop my son to school each morning, well what can you do when on a lovely working day morning there is plenty of time. You can listen to the news with the bowl of cereal. But we decided to make a trip to McDonalds. Never done that before. Definitely found it absurd driving to McDonalds first thing in the morning. There is a 24 hour one very close to our house.

Guilty pleasure of bagel and egg with iced latte made my working day so much more efficient. Sometimes we forget what is a full stomach like. People have become scared to eat these days. Calories being looked at all the time. No carbohydrate diets so common these days. Obesity versus anorexia – which ones the better of the two. I know we must balance everything in life but it can go to extremes sometimes in life.

Anorexia – if you know somebody with anorexia, you will understand, it is one the most worrying illnesses I feel. It completely grips the persons psychology .The whole family gets affected with the illness. It becomes very hard to help the patient. One of my friends daughter has anorexia ,the helplessness is the worst part. She cries and becomes so upset because she cannot help her daughter at all. Numerous admission, counselling ,support nothing has helped the daughter as yet.

Obesity – this is not easy either. Food is an addiction. We ask people to stop smoking and see them year after year still getting the smoking cessation advice but not actually with any positive firm results. Food addction is the same I feel. Its hard to stop yourself from eating and actually eating well all the time. Food labels help a lot but then does everybody care enough.There is no magic cure for obesity .It has to come from the person himself or herself. We all understand that being fat is bad for us but helping ourselves is not so easy.

Getting back to my very guilty pleasure of McDonalds breakfast- it is just great and sets you up well for the day. If you havent tried it yet , please do. I did walk it off in the evening and also did an hour of pilates so the guilt is better now. I am not planning on doing it soon again but its on my list of indulgences for once in a while. A good breakfast does make you a happy person, thats for sure.

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