Jet Lagged

USA to UK takes a good few days to get back to normal rhythm. Sitting with colleagues at work and yawning away was my last week. Not just me, my whole family was waking up at odd hours along with sleepy and tired at the wrong times. Thankfully, at least the sleep pattern is back to normal now.

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Once the physical side gets sorted its the mental challenge to get over as well. Holidays are always so good and relaxing. Away from normal work, only caring about walking, photoshoots, food,sightseeing. Once back, I am missing the carefree lifestyle. Not only that, the backlog of work from two weeks is a lot to deal with.

Well that’s life I would say. Getting back into it slowly but surely. It was all very overwhelming. I decided to prioritize but where do you start , everything seems important. I thought about all my roles then decided which role is the most important. Accordingly I started finishing each piece of work. Well haven’t yet finished everything but I do have to understand my own limitations as well. I am human .

Must say once I thought about my roles , my thinking process calmed down and I got my answers to my dilemma of where to start. Getting back into exercise is tough as well. Every joint was stiff from walking so I was very apprehensive about my pilates class. It went well and felt so much better for having done it.

Having a great holiday is wonderful. There was stress before going and stress after coming. Life is tough, it always was going to be. This brings a smile on my face. We need to keep finding the happiness in between and any excuse to have a good laugh.

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