People watching is fun . That’s what I am doing sitting in a mall in San Francisco. Tourism has its side effects of walking over 15000 steps everyday and today extreme leg pains so my family have abandoned me to people watch while they shop .


Skin was a lovely exhibit in California Academy of Sciences in the Golden Gate Park . Simply sitting and looking around , I see so many different colours of skin under the same roof. Loving it how it’s a carefree world around me. All sorts of clothes are acceptable. Nobody is judging. I see a Down Syndrome adult walking past so confidently with a back pack as if going to work . Feel thrilled to see the acceptance for challenged people.

If we want , the world can be a really happy place . Accept people as they are. Who knows why they are homeless-help if you can. If fate has been kind to you ,pass on the kindness to others. Try making people happy around you, if possible.

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