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Golden Gate Bridge with so many of these signs. A place known for suicides. San Francisco and it’s surrounding is such a beautiful place .Full of tourists. All so happy and cheerful but then you witness these signs.

There is hope – absolutely. I want to think there is always hope. Hope is so important for survival. Pessimism versus Optimism- which do you prefer . Of course optimism. It brings happiness and a want to do something.

Agreed life can get to the worst point ever but it’s still not the end. Pick yourself up. Look around. There will still be people who need you. You can still find a purpose to get going.

I must say travelling in USA, one can feel most people are so hardworking . They work seven days a week without a moan. Money and success follows them . They don’t look tired . They mostly look happy. This is definitely a place for hope and happiness.

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