The Hollywood Hills

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100th blog

The power to change the world started from here . Enjoying Los Angeles these days with family . The first thing we wanted to see was the hills and the quintessential Hollywood sign . It is magical when the sign came in sight .Even better when it became visible from the grounds of Paramount Pictures. Vision and enthusiasm to do something for the wider good seems to emanate from these places.

People come up with stories and how it comes to life is fascinating to see in the studio tour . Writers are so important behind any change . If there is no story there is no movies or television show . In all these years writers have not changed . All that power is in the writers.

Pen to keyboard. Sets to live locations. Animals to animations. Movies to television. So many changes have happened through the years but my feeling through out the tour was that the intellect of the writer has not changed and their intelligence is the biggest force .

This is my 100th blog and I am so proud of myself . If one thing I have learnt about myself it is that I can write and will keep doing so as it gives me a lot of happiness and satisfaction. My father would have loved to see me develop this talent . He loved writing but died prematurely in the most unnatural way and never fulfilled his dream. My husband and kids put up with my writing and don’t disturb me when I am at my blogging. Love to them always . Love to all you writers , let’s keep writing and may be see a change of happiness around us.

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