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Come September. I look out for the migratory birds, the patterns they follow, the sounds they make. Its a beautiful way of nature telling us the world is not owned by anyone.They are free to travel as per there needs. We cannot stop them and should not stop them.

I am an economic migrant, emigrant from India and immigrant to UK. Yes of course I knew the difference but to make sure looked it up on google. From my point of view I live a free life. I have always felt welcome in this country. I am a doctor so I do give back to my maximum capacity.

Came to the UK to do the exams of the Royal College but before we realised it was twenty years down the line and now my children have grown up here. I am so used to this way of life now , the weather , the working that I am not sure I will ever go back. I think I share this view for a lot of doctors that I know.

We have elderly parents and relatives in India who need us .Where do you look though- your kids or your parents. A lot of UK citizens have moved to other countries and they face the same dilemma. I get phone calls or emails from Australia often because the parents stay here. I can totally relate to them.

Whatever said and done I love both countries and will be obliged to them both to have given me opportunity to live a life as I have wished for. Happiness comes from freedom and that should not be curtailed for anybody.

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