On Aegina Island

I love to see new birds. These two I spotted on this small Greek Saronic Island called Aegina. The birds sat there on the rocks, a bit far from us. Different colours and patterns on them. Brown, orange and black combination was well coordinated. Ornate stripes to be seen on the torso. It may have been a common site on this place but I had never seen one like this. That too a pair.

Once back home I wanted to know what bird they were. The closest I could get to the description was mountain partridge. It kind of fits well. I was chuffed with myself. That was the highlight of the day.

This made me think, no wonder why people take up bird watching as a hobby. They are a treasure of nature and to study them is rewarding and fulfilling. Sometimes I have chatted to people sitting along lake sides and taking photographs, their descriptions of birds is informative and enthusiasm trickles from each word they say.

This is something I have always loved, looking up and studying new birds. I will have to remember that this activity makes me inherently happy so that I keep pursuing it.

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