Loving it all.

Best is to love it all. No need to live in fear. No need to have grudges. Forgive the people you are angry with. It sours our own lives.

Old Banyan tree in Patna.

One of our friends is getting old and with it is coming all the difficulties of aging. It is painful to see somebody in pain. They are depressed some days due to lack of independence. I got discussing all this with my senior nurse colleague and what she told me, kept me thinking all day yesterday.

Getting old is not for the faint hearted but then if you die young you lose out on a lot.

So really, either ways it is going to be difficult.

I do respect old people but to feel that they are not faint hearted fills me up with pride for them. Their endurance to get through life and bear with physical, mental and emotional assaults around them can’t have been easy.

Old people in some ways give me a lot of hope. Life is beautiful. Love it all and be happy.

16 thoughts on “Loving it all.

  1. How shall we define “old”? What age is considered to be old? When I was 20 years, 40 seemed terribly old to me. When I was 40 years, 60 seemed old. Now that I’m 65 years and probably in better health than the whole rest of my life, I think I’ll put off being old until I am 85!

  2. I am 72 and agree with much of the description you give for being old. A situation not helped by the effect that Covid has had on our medical system. That being said, I have a dear friend, a lady of 95, who is so far winning her fourth battle against Cancer, has lost her husband and four of her eight children, and still rides her motorcycle. And then I think, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

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