Numbers are fascinating. They determine our being. Age to money to wages. From being a baby to till you die. Time has numbers . Your house is numbered. Medicines have doses. Can you get away from this jumble. How did mankind become entangled in this game of calculations.

Come to think about it is something we can’t do without. It has made life easier, perhaps.

On the days I am off I try to take myself away from numbers. When I am tired I sleep, I wake up when the sun rises. I eat when I am hungry. I must say when numbers are not dictating me, instead nature is dictating me, life seems more calm and peaceful.

Of course we can’t go do without time, speed, zones and digits. Holidays indeed seem relaxed because I tend to completely ignore the biggest controlling factors of life which is numbers. Sometimes happiness can be sought in this way too.

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  1. Oh my, does your post ever speak to me! Years and years ago I met a week’s vacation with no watch. I took down or covered clocks in the AirBnB’s. It seemed the only instances I truly knew what time it was would be if I was in the car. That is a great way to live because you are right- those numbers do seem to govern our lives. Wonderful post- thank you!

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