Lost my AirPods !!

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I have not been able to sleep these past few days when it came to light that the AirPods have gone missing. It is surely not worth losing sleep and calm over it. But it is tough to let go. I explained so much to myself that it has to be in the house and will surface one day.

Being careless is not how I have been brought up. Money holds a lot of value in my being. I like to be careful with money. To have bought an expensive thing when many cheaper alternatives are there, in itself was unforgiving, let alone losing it.

It came to light on Thursday that the AirPods are nowhere to be seen. Today is Sunday. Already lost sleep over this. Today I have literally looked in every corner and every sofa in the house. Every outdoor coat pocket has been inside out. Kids have been told off. I need to take rest, it is three in the afternoon and I feel mentally and physically exhausted over this. I went to lie down in the lounge where my son was watching his favourite program South Park. I made the recliner into a full bed position and just laid there. It struck me to get out and look in the leather fold of the recliner.

There it was. The little white case sitting comfortably in the hanging fold. What a relief! At least I will sleep well today. A small thing can absolutely ruin the happiness of the atmosphere. We were out for a walk, all I could think was where have the earphones gone. Small items can start having a lot of meaning in our lives for no apparent reason. I am so glad it has been found and happiness in the house and family is restored.

5 thoughts on “Lost my AirPods !!

  1. I love south park 😅
    And yes airpods are beautiful device to have, to loose them would have been sad.
    You must have jumped in the air with relief after finding them. 😊

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