Yarm High Street.

Negative thoughts do rule our minds. How do you stop them from making a permanent home in your brains? Once they do take hold of your thoughts, they will rule over your heart and every thought. We need to stop them from becoming permanent.

Learning to identify them and helping ourselves to remove them is very important. Recognising when it Is going to creep up and start working with it immediately so it does not invade you completely van be helpful.

One fine morning, I dropped my son off to school and I went on to have a stroll on our local high street. It has the best boutique shops but of course, it is a lockdown. Mint Hobo is a unique coffee shop so I decided to get a black coffee, the smell is gorgeous, to say the least. I had my book and glasses in the car, then I parked my car in a great spot and read my book sipping the good old coffee. Definitely, I was not working that day otherwise I would be rushed off my feet.

My day may have started with grim thoughts of being alone but with doing these positive things for myself and giving myself a bit of time, I completely recovered and had a day full of happiness.


12 thoughts on “Negativity

  1. Good for you. What a wonderful way to spend your day too. I have been praying a lot for people of all ages alone. It would be hard. Bless you for having such a positive attitude. Sending you buckets of beautiful white gardenias to make your house smell wonderful. They are my favorite flowers. Take care my friend. 🤗💕❤️Love Joni

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