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I absolutely love the National Health Service. The care provided to friends and family has been phenomenal. During my pregnancy, the love and care that I received were exceptional. NHS has had so much praise with the pandemic. I feel it is a system which should be in every country.

It is changing now. The digital world is taking over our health systems. I was reading about telehealth today. It is convenient, saves time, driving and parking are not required. I have been a GP for some time now and I have loved seeing my patients. Doing phone calls all day long is tiresome. Very mechanical. How do I show empathy on the phone? I have lost my verbal cues. It is taking time to adapt but I will certainly get there.

I think young people can make real positive changes for us, we need to believe in them. Computers are their babies and they will change the delivery of health care across the world. With telehealth and health economy differing so much nowadays, I am sure we are in for major changes after this pandemic.

Thinking about NHS in the UK, it is a system which needs to be in place in Bihar where I belong to, a poor state in India. People will benefit a lot. It will open new avenues for doctors and much more satisfaction in their work as they will be using their expertise in the correct way.

Bihar is not easy to change though. It has had corrupt politicians that have destroyed the state completely. To bring it back to global standards will be a long process. The state does not even have a fully functional international airport as yet. I left my country 20 years ago and I have seen many changes since then. Thanks to technology. I do hope people become happy where ever they are and get the best of everything.

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