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                                                 While strolling!

Seeing nature at its best these days with birds, animals and plants all being brave and cheerful. The sky looks so much clearer. So many more stars. I saw a post on Instagram of a local photographer showing the International Space Station as it was passing over Redcar Beach. And a very clear photo it was.

I was coming to work the other day and near the river with woods on both sides there was a fox at 9 am . It stopped and took stock of what was on the road before crossing the road. In my rear mirror I saw it going across after my car went past.

In the news they showed a deer roaming around in the town centre . They are definitely becoming more brave and wanting to explore the world a bit more. There has been lovely cartoons of people inside the house while animals are roaming around fearlessly. Cartoons coming to life!

Fox in supermarket car park

We were out walking and everywhere there were blossoms of different sorts. We picked some and put them on the kitchen window. Why spend money when they are available everywhere? We thought it looked pretty enough and we were able to bring nature inside our house. Enjoy the wilderness and do housework with them around you.

Enjoy nature and be happy folks. Exercise while you can. India is still in complete lockdown for my friends .The good thing, however, is that pollution is coming down and air quality has improved so much. I have seen posts on Facebook of beautiful birds in Patna. The Himalayas can be clearly seen from some villages in Bihar. That has got to be good news. Breathe better air and be happy.

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