Dear Corona


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Surely there is no need to say Dear to you, Corona. You need to get out now. You have spoiled the whole world. Never heard of anything like this before. Old people were already lonely and you have made them isolated to the extreme degree. Kids not going to school, I could never imagine you were so cruel.

I mean no hugging, no handshakes, being scared of people and keeping a distance. What is all this?

Do you even know, how many people have died and there is grief all around? An unbelievable situation that you have landed us in.

We can’t go on holidays. Working from home would have been good but to do it with children crawling around, has made it much tougher. So many have lost jobs and incomes have gone down.

Petrol prices are down but the car can’t go anywhere. Yes of course air is cleaner and there is less pollution. Animals and birds are having a field day.

Corona are you enjoying watching us like this? People absolutely hate you. I am writing to you because I am disgusted. I am not sure where and how you live that is why it has become impossible to get you. You don’t even have the courage to tell us from where you have come. Please disappear to extinction. Nobody will even ask again where you have gone.

With much hate and wishes for your disappearance.

Strongly we stand,

COVID era people.


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  1. I absolutely feel you…There are lot of people out there living with a lot of anxiety within themselves…Don’t worry this time will pass sooner or later…Love:)

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