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                                                                   Great read
C for catastrophic haemorrhage in the war zone is what the team looks for as the first thing. This book has transported me to the world of unthinkable and undoable. It is the most intriguiging book I have ever read. It is real throughout. Being a doctor is one thing but being a war surgeon is certainly a different level. The dangers he faces. The compassion he still maintains. The skills he acquires. Highly recommend this book not only for doctors but everyone should read it  to understand what goes on in war zones. Watching on television gives a reporters perspective but here David Nott is sharing his own experience and has his opinions.

The corona virus has left us with so many unthinkable situations. Reading this book makes me feel stronger to face situations as they come. Encouraging me to take things in my best possible and most sincere way is all I can do in such adversity. When we are faced with so many unimaginable conditions, to feel powerless is normal. Things are not in my control. We can be left anxious and almost in a state of post traumatic stress. It is normal I would thing. Talking to people and sharing your thoughts is going to help. Being kind to each other is so important. These are difficult times for everybody.

Loosing jobs, loosing money and livelihoods. Not being able to go to school and work has become near normal. My son will not be taking his GCSE. The psyche going up to exams is suddenly changed. It is a tough situation. Even though he is laughing it off, I do think deep down he does feel bereft to show his skills and knowledge. He has taken up learning French and is thoroughly enjoying it. He feels he will be taking it up for his A levels. 

This has been difficult for university students as well. Yes, I have one of those at home too. A third year medical student unsure of her exams dates, placements being cancelled. All structure of her very busy day is now standstill. Running, dancing, netflix is not enough to keep her busy. She is making a 500 piece puzzle for past few days but that is also coming to an end. I do keep encouraging them both to read books and she has said she is going to read War Doctor now. The book absolutely left me with a great feel-good factor in the end. Do keep happy which ever way you can. These times will pass over.


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