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Doctors have to train the next generation. Reading, teaching and training is a big part of any doctor. It is a never-ending process. The above card is still on my study table. My last registrar gave me this in March when she became a GP. “Despite our ups and downs, we made it!”  is what she has written.

I feel indebted to the registrars that have come and gone and are mostly working locally. I love to keep in touch with them. I really want to say thank you to them. If it wasn’t for them I am not sure how much I would read. My own trainer told me towards my end of training that because my kids are small and have to look after house and work, becoming a trainer would help to keep on top of studies. He was spot on. One thing I do well is to find the best and quickest way out of things. But there is no easy way out in teaching adults. Adult learners are smart and to be as smart as them is hard work. So thank you to all my registrars and now colleagues for keeping me on my toes. Keeping in touch with the younger generation keeps me happy always.


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