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On the edge.


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Uncertainty is what we are dealing with. I feel on the edge all the time nowadays. I am supposed to be strong for others but I am not sure for how long I can keep going. This is not we signed up for in life. This is all too new.

Death is what we all fear and are uncertain about. This is the one fear I live with and probably, you too deep down have the same fear. Discussions around the cause of death, resuscitation, cremation is part of my job but so much of it has made me very tired.

We all need to be able to fight this. Friday night I wanted to have red wine and we had none. Can I class it as essential shopping so I can go and bring it? Well, so had to combine it with the weekly shopping of milk, egg, butter, bread, fruit and vegetables to feel good. Got the all essential wine with some cheese as well. Of course, the wine helps to deal with any damn virus in the world.

Trying my best to read on anxiety and following the tips to deal with it. If you are also feeling on the edge like me then look at the bigger picture and the success stories every day of hospitals and the light will be shining again. The virus looks so cruel. Be strong, be happy to give it the best fight possible.

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