• Trees are apart so they can grow well. They spread happiness around them.      Growth is better, roots can spread well. Each has its own character, loneliness is not for them.


  • The virus is everywhere and anyone could be infected. Maintain the distance we are told. Walking near your house is allowed. Exercise is good so you can be out for an hour.


  • Sun is setting. Clouds show mysterious shape. Orange, pink, grey and blue, colour the horizon. The fields catch all the hues. The river flows silently. Distancing has brought awareness. We will remember these beautiful walks in years to come.


  • People go past, two metres apart.  They cannot come near but they can smile.           Smiles can be exchanged and brighten the face.  Eyes have a scare in them but also some bravery comes across. We will fight and grow together. Our world will become a happy place again.

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