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Holiday time with family around, what do we all do?

Walking is one thing that we all enjoy. Nearly everyday we have managed to so some outing including along the sea. We had a row yesterday that seaside walking needs to be along the sea on sand and not the pedestrian paths. I wasnt ready to go on sand for obvious reason of shoes getting dirty. I insisted on going along the seafront but on proper footpath. Oneside is buildings and one side is sea. Well the consensus was that’s not seafront walking. I still think it was clean seafront walking in the cold crisp air of North Sea overlooking the beach.

Cooking galore and trying out various Mary Berry recipes. Oh yes made a great starter with figs in filo pastry. Daughter made a beetroot chocolate cake one day. I made banana loaves, thats my favourite. Friends coming over and so many get togethers makes the food an important part of holidays. We all watch a lot of food programmes on television, Nadiya Hussain and Mary berry being our favourite.

Talk of television, I sometimes do wonder how we can watch movies and  series so often. I mean not a single christmas has gone by without watching Love Actually. I could recite the dialogues but still watch it regularly. One of my favourite movies of all times. Gavin ans Stacey Christmas special has been a great hit this year and we absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. Bollywood with family goes without saying can be an experience in itself. Chichore is one movie that we all watched this year, it is about the pressures on students in this current day and age along with the fun that students in engineering school have.

Board games is always great to play. Competition sets in without wanting. Chess is one of our favourites these days. Scrabble is always there too with carrom board and ludo. We even like four in a row. The winner rubs it off in the face of the loser with immense satisfaction.

Catching up with friends is always so nice. Only ladies meet up is invariable arranged and we get a good ME time. A friend today told me – you should not let FEAR set in. I think thats what I am going with as a formula for 2020. No Fear and Be Happy.




24 thoughts on “Seafront Walk

  1. I concur, if there are no buildings between you and the water, you are walking seaside. That’s exactly why the paths were built!!

    I miss Mary Berry on Cookoff! And Mel & Sue. It isn’t nearly as fun. The American Holiday Cookoff, which brought Paul ‘across the pond’, is also dull.

    Last night I watched Lucy Worsley’s 12 Days of Tudor Christmas. I was happy to learn gifts used to be given in Jan 1 because I’ve done that for years (less hassle & cheaper)!

  2. Mrs P and I play Scrabble every Sunday afternoon, four games. It keeps our retired brains active. She invariably wins 3 – 1. I guess her retired brain must be more active than mine …

  3. That’s so kind, thank you. “Platypus Man” is just a false trail to throw people off the scent, while in fact I’m living the dream in the (English) East Midlands.

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