A piece of cake!!

I used to bake when kids were small but now, I do minimal baking. My children make most of the cakes and biscuits these days especially our daughter. I always love the finished product and the way it looks. Now both are at university, and I am going down to meet them I will take … Continue reading A piece of cake!!


Aysgarth Falls The roar of the waterfalls Lifelessness of the green moss Wind blown tress with bare branches Golden paths of the fallen leaves. Busy lives and fast flowing days Sometimes weeks and months go by, Finding time with each other Exploring nature in our own ways. Togetherness never felt so good. Picnics and tea … Continue reading Togetherness


 by Vladislav Vasnetsov on Pexels.coSunday was Mothers Day in the UK. It is time to realise how much mothers do for us. My children wanted to understand what my mother did for me. That was a hard one to explain. The biggest thing I feel she did was protect me. Absolutely thats what she did … Continue reading Moms


  “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” ― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice       Excitement, planning, calendar, travelling, shopping and so much more goes into a birthday. Its my daughters birthday today and of course where have the years gone.I can truly say for myself , my husband and dare … Continue reading Birthdays