Imagination Galore

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So I am the drug dealer (DD) and my son is my distributor, the little boy (LB) that goes round his bike.

DD : Mate listen carefully , 
this is the bag
you need to deliver.
LB : What is in it?
DD: Really---- you need to know that ?
Come off it,
you only deliver.
LB: How much money?
DD: Look atch you , little monster .
I have the gun,
you follow instructions
and come back
then we talk money.
LB: Instructions then.
DD: Wear your hoody,
cover your head,
go straight down this road five blocks
down-count ok.
Black mercedes with
a man standing outside it
in a black suit .
When you get near him ,
you slow down -
he will say Catch it, Catch it.
You do not look,
you say Catch it, Catch it.
He puts his hand out-
give the bag and
turn round the corner
to come back here
from the next lane.
LB: Easy.
DD: Right then- here you go.

A car journey made so interesting by letting imagination go riot. Completely spontaneous.We both enacted the scene, dad was driving. We so laughed after doing this intense drama with full concentration and full of local tones. Its hard to engage teenagers these days . But this type of roll playing is great fun and superb to pass time. All happy and good family interaction.

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