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Orthodox is pretty but difficult these days. World is changed. Came across how dating has changed, terms used in dating have changed. Simplicity of meeting somebody at work and going for coffee doesnot work anymore. Online is how it works these days.

I watched Monalisa Smiles movie starring Julia Roberts yesterday. Its of early fifties and how after the war women still were being told to live by tradition and cultures, and their place in society is to put food on the table at 5 pm, bear children, make a home and love her family life. Of course Julia Roberts was not one of them. She sure was unorthodox.

To think western world has changed so much is phenomenal. India is changing too but has a long way to go espescially in villages and small towns where the main population is from. Acceptance is one thing and respect with acceptance is another. Women do have a right to respect. No form of abuse – verbal, physical, emotional-none should be tolerated.

Girls should be taught to be unorthodox from a young age. Tolerance for how much is alright , tolerance should have boundaries and limits otherwise that brings too much sadness and none what so ever of hapiness. They must stand up and shut up people and systems if it is not for her.

We all need to love life and live it fully with utmost hapiness.

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  1. Quite a serious topic but so much relevant.Free will of every individual must be respected,we should not let anyone interfere with our free will.Similarly we also do not have any right to violate anybody else’s free will .If only wisdom dawned upon everyone the world would have been a much better place to live in!

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