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Coming to terms with a setback is difficult enough but ask me to bounce back to where I was before is even more tough. I have to take the journey and also come back from it. Don’t we face so many situations which really are unavoidable and we have to be able to get over it.

Say you have general anaesthesia, which was short enough, you had the best sleep in the world, but it is difficult to be not in control . A lot of the time we think we know it all but suddenly it is just not in our range and power. We take things for granted but a small jolt can put things in perspective. It can give you lightheadedness and nausea but you have to grin and bear it. A few days and you will bounce back but its not easy. General anaesthetic is a physical example and  we know it is going to pass off.

Isn’t this so true about life too. We have to be ready to face difficulties and cope with it. So important to realise that it can happen to anybody. As long as we don’t get stuck in the journey, we really should be able to come back either through the same path or another one. Any help along the way is good and take it when given. Recently a friend had heart surgery for six hours , her experience was very tough going and she was scared about loosing her mind totally and getting amnesia. Rehabilation programmes are so helpful – whether it be small or long. We are all human afterall.

Sports, education, jobs, health any walk of life will get you into a dark zone from time to time. A lot of these things will happen and not be in your control.Remember generally it will not be permanent and you will come out a bit more stronger at the end. We willhave to face it. Learn to be happy in whatever we have to get through.


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  1. Your write ups always boost my strength and empower me to face the challenges of life in a better way.Keep going and keep motivating……will wait for your next

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