What’s your pace?

4 days holiday now . There was a question on Twitter -what are your plans ? I had none . Sometimes I like to have absolutely no plan days . Wake up when you want -out of habit I can’t sleep till late even after gin and tonic last night. I am going to go with the flow . Wait for things to happen.

img_5619                                                              Sunshine

Out comes the yoga mat – day starts with some sun salutations and meditation. The most difficult thing for me is to meditate. My mind wanders like mad . A patient asked me the other day if I became anxious and of course the answer was “ I am much too normal and get anxious at all sorts .” Next was how do you cope . “Well in an acute situation I have to do breathing exercise 4 in, 4 hold and 4 out.” Practicing with her – hopefully has helped a bit . Meditation in the long term is helpful. The quietness of a morning is peaceful and helps to brings thoughts together. My grandmother always used to meditate and I have tried to imitate her but don’t think I am at that level of commitment as yet.

Heard the song – Stand by me , such a nice song . It’s eleven months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married .This choir was sung at their wedding. Great song and it was a great part of the show.

Sounds like a good start for the weekend. Already feeling inspired with love and hope. Going to keep my pace slow and let the weekend pass by .

Calls for a coffee now.


10 thoughts on “What’s your pace?

  1. Love them all Rishi
    Simple uncomplicated things of our day to day life
    You really express your feelings beautifully
    Great going and waiting for more
    And by the way…Nxt time when you r here meditation and pranayam together it will be

  2. Loved it Rishi, would definitely try meditation, my mind too wanders off to useless things, so need to concentrate.
    Normally we never have me time , but it’s very much required for all of us.

  3. I love it slow too, that’s my idea of a perfect vacation day.
    And my mind wanders a lot so haven’t been successful at meditation yet. If you somehow learn the trick, write a blog post on that too.
    I so relate to your writings, Rishi! Keep writing!

  4. Simply wonderful!Slow living is a choice that I have made on the personal front and let me tell you there is no looking back now.Life has never been more enjoyable!

  5. Your blogs talk !
    It seems I’m listening to you talk, without interruptions .😍♡

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