Sitting on your backside, staring at a computer screen all morning, continuously for five hours cannot be healthy . So desperation led me to finally get out of my room and go for a walk.

                                                          Sunny day

It was warm enough and there is a park 2 minutes from my workplace and often we go round the park twice . I went off by myself, sometimes it’s nice to have a short sharp break and give some time to oneself. Light winds, sun shining and kids in the background playing was an ideal time for a walk.

                                                   Beautiful trees

Being mindful of the surroundings brings so much happiness and a complete relief from stress. All tiredness vanishes. I started appreciating everything around me.

                                                       Notice them

Energy from the surrounding comes across in birds chirping in the tress and bushes. Little flowers that we pass all the time – seem prettier somedays but not others. Days we notice them we feel more happy.

                                                           The park

Billingham is a small place in North East of England. I don’t think I know many places so closely as I know my work area. Have always loved being and working here.

                                            Kids in the background
My afternoon after the walk went quickly, I felt refreshed and took on my work with much more enthisiam and zest. Burnout these days has become common due to the stress we live with constantly. Thinking about my blog and taking pictures definitely makes me more mindful of my surroundings and brings so much joy and happiness.

6 thoughts on “Lunchtime

  1. Nature is the art of God. So nicely captured Rishi. Cool calm serene it is. Just behold and it captivates and rejuvenates you. I too love such breaks.. Feeling energised . Keep writing

  2. Nature at its best
    And mindfulness of our beautiful surroundings has been captured so beautifully

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