Flowers at the entrance.

Don’t you want to get the flowers to arrange in the house? As you enter the supermarket-one can see this colourful array of flowers. It definitely makes me happy and shopping sounds good. Love to go round it once at least even if I am not buying them. Even appreciating them is a visually charming experience in itself.

Everyday grocery is enjoyable to look around and appreciate the various colours. Having the luxury of shops being open till late or 24 hrs is a great bonus. One can be organised but in case there is a day where you have forgotten that last minute banana midweek for breakfast- pop in and get it. Late night craving for a sweet treat is a major issue in our house,well needless to say walk to the supermarket and get that cheesecake that we so desperately want. A bit of a walk along with a guilty pleasure can sure go hand in hand.

Shades of green.

So many shades of green , red and  yellow – all arranged well , you will be wanting to cook fresh food. You cannot beat cooking from scratch. It surely tastes better than processed food and of course healthier. We all know that. I start getting ideas as we go along. There are recipe cards in the stores as well- have a look and buy accordingly. Some weeks I try and have a plan in my head and a list in my hand, shopping is definitely cheaper then and more contained. Must say most weeks it is not planned though. I wish it was but hey ho thats life for you. Unplanned, rushed but still ok and normal enough.


All cut up and ready to eat.

Why won’t you eat fruits when it’s all cut up ready to go. They do look tempting and provide a good snack. If I want to keep prices low which I always want to – I prefer to buy the whole fruits rather than cut up ones.

Supermarkets are an experience in themselves. I really am not a sad person.I do love going to the shop and go round the aisles, might pick up a bargain or two especially in the big priced items like washing powders, dishwasher tablets or sometimes even a good old cooking pan- it is a destressor.Try it. I might come across some known faces and then a bit of hello and  how are you type of chatting never does any harm. Love catching up with area friends and neighbours in the supermarket. One can even go in the cafe and have a coffee together.

If feeling blessed, may buy some items for the foodbank trolley. Always feels good to donate. Somedays I tend to do shopping only for the foodbank and donate the whole thing -mostly canned and dry things.

So many ways of making yourselves happy. Be mindful of the surrounding and enjoy the smells and colours. Yes even supermarkets can be an inspiration in so many different ways.

4 thoughts on “Supermarkets

  1. Loved reading it Rishi dear!Though I have no experience in this area at all.Hubby does all the shopping.My job is just to hand over the list 😀

  2. This is an art to appreciate small things. It brings happiness and you have put this in a simple happy way.

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