Off routine

One week holiday starts today – I absolutely cherish my time off, who does not. Last day of work always gets busy though, every task and paper work need to be finished, in fact all of the last week gets busy. I do not mind intense work – it only means prioritising and organising things – lists all over my desk and ticking them off one by one. In the end desk well cleared and a week off begins. Well earned is what I will say.

Another list starts for holidays- have 3 books to read, TV series, meeting up friends – need to stop. Best is to have my alarm off for the week. I have 2 alarms for the morning.Cant rely on myself to wake up with the first one so definitely second one  will get me out of  bed. But thats it no more of it for the next week. Sometimes I forget to put it off  and then on a Monday it starts off – but then I realise its not a working day, what a great feeling that is.

To be not guided by a routine is so good sometimes and we must have it from time to time. Every minute is set out for me on a working day I feel, and somedays I feel how did I even get time to breathe. Hey ! don’t  get me wrong, absolutely love my job and home, wouldn’t have it any other way but what’s not to say it can be a killer somedays. Off routine is too good and needs to be enjoyed as much as possible. I don’t like to be guided by outside forces all the time so on a holiday week its my time and nobody else tells me what to do. I rule time, clothes, food, drinks, exercise and have it my way totally. Absolutely looking forward to my next week.

Play it well is my mantra. Have a great time next week all of you. Do what makes you happy and do it well and hard.

11 thoughts on “Off routine

  1. Totally agree with your thoughts!
    Crazy busy life…enjoy the peaceful moments in between.

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