Long Journeys

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Recently went on a long car journey with a friend three hours going, sometime in the city and three hours coming back, about nine hours long day trip it was. I wasn’t driving. Not once did we listen to music or radio. Only talking . What did we talk about -whole world I think.

Happy times pass by so quickly-we don’t realise it. Why is that? It is these moments one does want to live longer but these vanish, literally. There was no tiredness either. Need to capture such times and know how to relive them.

Loneliness affects us all sometime or another. It does leave you wanting company. We need to learn to live with ourselves. A day like this needs to be relived in moments of loneliness.

We started early enough for a weekend. Spring mornings are so beautiful.Daffodils all around -roadsides ,church grounds ,private houses and not to forget, the Cleveland Hills in the backdrop, made a spectacular start for our journey. Nature makes everything so beautiful.

From psychology to hobbies to Bollywood, then we decided to stop for a short break. Stretching and comfort break is essential with some drinks. Sunshine everywhere makes anything so much more worthwhile but with the freshness of light winds is even better.

We reached our destination, met people that we had to, then went for lunch . Proper Indian street food is what we wanted . We ordered six different types of things. You would think we don’t get food but that’s true authentic Indian food is what we don’t get. We weren’t getting our order right, the waiter absolutely dissuaded us from getting large portions-he thought we can’t eat it . It was hilarious we wanted big portions but waiter wasn’t having it. In the end he got us what he thought was right. It was great.

Our journey back , there was more company so more chatting . On our way back we didn’t even stop anywhere . After reaching home I realised we hadn’t made a stop . Good driving skills and good company is what you need for a long journey.

Happiness is around us, look for it, capture it and relive it when required. It will always bring a smile and take away the momentary unease of loneliness. Love the moment you are in, be happy and grateful.

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  1. What a vivid description!Could actually visualise the scenery…..u have penned it down so beautifully as if an artist has painted a beautiful picture on a canvas 😍😍

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