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Holiday season approaching and daughter will be home soon. Time for lots of home food. And more over she will want proper authentic food. I can be busy and make short cuts with cooking. Met a friend and she has her business of the spice kits. She gave the above kits. Hoping children will be able to do cooking themselves and actually prepare food for us, using the kits. It looks very easy. Especially the burgers. Well both my children actually enjoy cooking and baking.

Its so important to eat healthy food. Fresh food, cooking from scratch is tough. Among younger generations to inculcate the habit in their early life out of homes and their hectic carriers is quite hard. These kinds of kits will help to make life easier.Even for me I find spice kits so much easy to use and cook with. Its a lot with being organised and then cooking can be a great stress buster.

Well who can dispute healthy food. Once when I was setting up my own home, my aunty told me that variety is very important with kitchen otherwise making food becomes a chore. To make different types of food makes everybody want to cook and eat food together.

My colleague at work is English and when I joined the partnership- she told me she could make Tadka Dal. I was open mouthed- how does she even know the name, let alone make it. She used to follow Madhu Jafferis books and once a week was an Indian day in her house. That really impressed me and I decided to try all different types of cooking – Thai, Mexican, Italian, Morrocan and of course British food.

I come home early on a Friday and I love doing a three course meal for the evening to start off the weekend. It is great to indulge and enjoy food together. People don’t want to eat much these days so must confess its more of a main dish rather than three course. Have made some fond memories out of those Fridays . Hoping to do the same in the holidays again.

Most kids will be coming home from university this week – happy days. Try spice kits-life will be easier. Happy cooking to all families.

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