Flowers say so much. After a full on day and best of all it is still light, reach home to flowers coming through and it’s the equinox tomorrow. Each flower says happiness, colours, excitement, brightness, beliefs and so much more open to interpretation.

Beautiful flowers definitely makes us happy. There are some beautiful English gardens in our area and we make it a point to see at least a few. It all starts in February when the bulbs start showing the green coming through the brown, dry, cold frozen earth. I totally forget winter and start imagining spring and here we are. Excited to see the daffodils all around.

Long dark nights are over. Tomorrow is the equinox and more light hours will start. Where did winter go ? That was quick. In October it feels like get prepared for the long drawn cold nights . Get out for work in the dark and come back in the dark .Hey it’s over now. Love English spring and summer. You can smell the freshness . Anywhere you go or drive through, roadsides are sprinkled with yellow daffodils.

More so it’s International Day of Happiness tomorrow.What better day to imagine lying on a green lawn with daffodils dancing around you and a warm wind blowing across.

What are you going to do on this special day to be happy ? Have a lovely Happiness day.