New Baby

Wake up and the first thing to do is check WhatsApp. There is a message from a prospective mother. Heart starts beating fast and there is the baby . Beautiful baby photo, mother daughter doing well is the message – day can’t get better than this. A friend has had her baby .

What a lovely way to start the day. Buzzing all day. Showed the photo to everyone at home and work. Such thrilling news. Who doesn’t like a new baby. It makes the day for all.

I mean for me a baby is a miracle from day one , tiny little things that they are but what goes on with them. Superb creation of nature. The only things they convey is love and happiness. In reality they are strong to have endured labour and so they will be fine really. Pure and simple formula for them is love and care.

As a doctor we are used to seeing only unwell people but we do the baby checks and that’s the one time that we actually see healthy baby and mother. Great joy and happiness that we get to share with a family. Nothing like being in that moment of apprehension while the six to eight week baby check is going on and then comes the time for immunisations with a strong hard cry, in a way, a good sign.

First baby is always hard. Everything has to be right and perfect. Parents do their very best. As per the book grows the child but life is surprising, baby still may not be happy , may get infection, weight may not go up all the time. intake may not be the same everyday. Its quite alright most of the time and with a bit of help from health visitor, friends, family or doctor all gets back on track. From second baby onwards things become easier for sure.

Mothers need to look after themselves. They do take on so much. Mums had a totally carefree life but now all that freedom is gone and young mothers can find that hard. Go easy and enjoy every moment because sometimes in the perfection of things you get so carried away that sometimes days go by and you cannot even remember those precious moments. Suddenly years have gone and when you are my age , I feel as if I have lost so many years of my life, all for the right reasons.

I adore babies, love the concept of family and bringing this new person in the world. Enjoy every moment guys , love and best wishes always for the future.

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  1. Such a thoughtful writing!Pure love and happiness,that is the core desire of every human being and babies do that with so much simplicity and ease ……

  2. Thank you,Rishi ,for the advice,which is good not only for the new mums,but for mums of all ages_ not to give up life for perfection!!

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