Needed to buy a birthday gift for a beautiful girl today. It is easy to put cash in a card and gift it, of course it is lovely but I actually like to buy gifts. In fact I like buying proper gifts because I love getting them for myself . It gives me so much pleasure to recieve gifts hence I love it for others too.

Boys, girls, adult, child- I feel everybody must enjoy gifts. The surprise element of a gift is the best that I like. Not knowing whats inside is so beautiful. Big or small ,expensive or old cherished things are as good as each other. Yes of course it is the feeling that comes with gifts.

Christmas, Diwali, Birthdays, Anniversaries-whatever it is- gifts make the occasion more special and the person feels loved and wanted. Surely it should not be about the material value attached to gifts but human is human and we end up putting a tag to gifts. Not right though. Best to keep it for the emotion attached with it.

So I ended up buying a perfume for todays birthday girl. She liked it. My kids and husband may not forget to give me a gift on my special days but I don’t take chances and always remind them and tell them explicitly enough that they have to bring something.I don’t like disappointments so I’d rather take steps towards it. They can’t come up with excuses then. Hey, I am sure thats okay to do.

Felt like looking through keep sake stuffs to see what has been my favourite gift. Thats  a hard one. Most things have some emotion and memory attached to it and they all are lovely , amazing, adorable, beautiful. Gifts are truly a possession to keep and love .

6 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. I too love gifts!!!Rather getting or giving both!!!This does not mean I am materialistic but I think this shows how much one means in one’s life!

  2. Love giving gifts and getting them too. Atleast whether it’s giving or getting only thought that enthralls more is that the person thought of me. Very eloquent Rishi

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