School pick up

Children grow up, they become independent and the last thing they want is, Mom waiting eagerly for them to come out at the end of school , especially boys . I have loved picking my kids up from school but they are older now and enjoy coming on the bus and I get to enjoy some me time. Some days I get a chance when there is after school activities. I definitely don’t mind, in-fact love to do the school pick up. Again a secret pleasure which can’t be exhibited.

Sitting in the car park, waiting for the bell to go and then this whole crowd of kids come out. Every car has an anxious parent or grandparent either texting or watching out – in case the child misses the car. It is chaotic but wonderful to see happy children bouncing away. Happy teachers too. Traffic is chaotic but you have to give yourself the extra fifteen minutes because there is got to be a traffic jam. Headmaster,caretakers-all are out controlling the children and the traffic. Finally seen my big boy -oh yes, he has seen me and I see the familiar shy grin. Both happy.

Its a strict rule in my car,I am no chauffeur so no mobiles, I am mother and I need all details of the day. How was the day, what lunch, lessons and what was the most interesting,friends -all of it in detail. Make the most of the car ride. Talk. Only stop if Radio5L has anything more important.

Finding little things to keep us happy is so important,wherever possible, go for it full on.

8 thoughts on “School pick up

  1. Loved reading it!I have never experienced this pleasure since we have school bus facilities ……feels as though I missed something!

  2. Really nice experience. Miss these small pleasures when the child will come excited to narrate what happened in school. Enjoy the moments Rishi.

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