When did you last feel proud?

Its good to feel proud of what you are doing or have always done.It is a hard knock life, and we all do our best.Have you done anything recently that gives you a sense of achievement?

Surely I have something to tell you all,hence this topic. No speculations or  judgements, please. Husband and myself started to do the parkrun few weeks back. We do walks and gym but never actually running. Parkrun is a worldwide thing but very popular in UK. Every Saturday morning 9 am,people gather in a local park and do a 5 km run.You can run, walk, crawl whichever way you want to finish.You can never come last as there is a marshal at the end and the tail runner comes last.You get a PB every time-your personal best. We wait for that email. Its like knowing your result.

The first one we did was a fairly cold morning, we got our welcome talk from the volunteers. People must have felt our apprehension and were so kind and encouraging to us,especially me. I don’t have the best BMI. Now we get a smile from them all every time we go. The volunteers are exceptional people. On that cold morning ,there must have been about 300 plus people before the start line, everybody starts running with the GO – that feeling of push and do, is superb.You have to be there to feel it. Of course people have trained for it and have been doing it for years. Yesterday it was the 250 th run for a lady. I walk most of it but it is time pressured as everybody is going ahead, so much harder than a normal walk. Every second I feel I can’t do it, my shins hurt but I have finished it with bits of run and jog in between. My companion helps a lot- he can finish in 37 minutes but prefers to be with me -love you husband. I have lots of friends that come there and we have a cuppa afterwards.

This feeling of achievement is my highlight these days- I really am so proud of ourselves.

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