Do you talk to yourself ?

Talking to myself- yes I do it all the time. Do you? Especially when alone ,driving or when I am looking for ideas to write. I love meeting new people and talking to them , knowing all about them ,how they have led their lives and really everything. Its easier talking to older people but I even attempt younger smart chic people, I am generally succesfull- sometimes I will get the look of amazement and disbelief either from them or from my kids. My husband ignores my chatting- good for him. Must say this habit compliments my job.

But its about talking to myself- all the time and I mean all of the awake hours I am having a conversation with myself. Before writing this piece , I asked my husband if he talks to himself-at least he was honest -yes sometimes- was his answer but with the look of -what are you like.Well you get what you get,deal with it- was my look. Looks shared,my head though talking away ,buzzing as usual with ideas. Somedays I really have to tell myself- stop talking. I do get tired of talking to myself. Is it talking or just thinking – no its actually conversations that keep going. Well it just means I am never lonely and I have my inner little self always with me.

There are few weeks when we all can get totally sucked up with job after job and no time to ourselves.This twosome conversation is very good at that time .It keeps me on track -tells me whats my priority and which jobs I can delegate- I sure am good at that, let others have the credit too and you sit back and watch. It tells me to also completely ignore some of the jobs- and I start questioning myself- oyeee really? Can I get away without doing it -answer comes -try it, somedays its an avoiding technique and sometimes it genuinely doesnot need to be done.You naughty girl, got you, anything to get out of it,mostly its the gym session . Well it was helpful to understand what needs doing and what does not.

Since I can talk so much- my brain needs rest too otherwise this chatting continues. Sleeping is so important and getting it right is a tough one. Ok confession time- getting to my late forties and menopause tick,tick,ticking ,does start to affect sleep. I am ok with it for the time being.

So , you all must talk to yourselves and I am sure love it too. I do love it even though somedays I have to say very sternly -SHUTTT UUPP.

4 thoughts on “Do you talk to yourself ?

  1. Thought power is the strongest power . Talking to self is a very helpful exercise. I too talk to myself always. Helps to know myself and understand the responses better. So nicely you described Rishi.

  2. Never ever say …..SHUT UP,talking to oneself connects you to your inner most core and that is nothing but a reflection of divinity itself!Under divine guidance life is surely going to be an overwhelming experience!

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