Coming out of second-wave in the UK must feel good and sure it does. But we are reliving it all over again with the second wave ongoing in India. I am preoccupied all the time. The mind is always thinking about India and the news on Whatsapp. It is scary to open the phone in … Continue reading Preoccupied

Celebrate life

When going out on walks these days, there are little lambs everywhere. They run around their moms, generally one or two. The numbers on them which farmers have written on them, it coordinates with their moms. They're jumping around along the lush green fields. Some of them are not even able to stand up fully. … Continue reading Celebrate life


Good weather and the lifting of lockdown gave us a real sense of freedom. We booked tickets to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Beautiful landscape and sculptures dotted around. The pregnant woman above when seen from far away gives a different idea about it, when we got close to it we were stunned by the intricacies on … Continue reading Sculptures.