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Having friends!!


Friends seem to be my lifeline. Any opportunity to meet up and I try my best to get there.

My husband is having a reunion with his classmates from medical school. To go from the UK to India is a bit of a chore but he is going. He had paid his share of the accommodation and food. Recently one of his friends asked me whether I was coming. I realised that I had decided I should not go due to some commitment later on. But then I realised the fun these people would be having, I told my husband I wanted to come as well. I got my holidays sorted at work and I am going as well.

Every day there is a caption or podcast to remind us about ageing, illness and arthritis. It has all, made me enjoy life more so now than I ever did before. Over fifty and life could crumble anytime, there is no need to wait for the right moment. Live life to the fullest, eat less, move more, spend time with friends, do not be afraid of anything and be happy. This is my mantra for life.

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