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Christmas Day is finally here. To reach this point, it all begins in early December with getting the decorations up and setting up the Christmas tree. It has taken a number of trips to the shops to get the right presents. Then gift wraps and the wrapping. The cards. Parties to attend nearly every weekend with a working week looming large from Mondays. Foraging to make the wreath and table centre piece is our most awaited yearly ritual. Hectic is what it has been.

Food is a huge part, even if it is for four people. Frozen food, dry food to fresh food, you can imagine how many trips, to shops, it takes to complete that. Some favourites are from Marks and Spencer’s, some from ASDA and some from TESCO. Meat, vegetables, desserts and the list goes on. List works very well and there is no need to digress from it.

Lamb is already in the slow cooker and we have a plan for everything. My daughter can organise most things now and I am able to take a back seat. It is an exciting day. After breakfast, we have to invariably go for a long walk, come back to light snacks while the meal gets ready. Desserts and drinks will be with friends in the later part of evening. The Christmas Quiz every year is too good. Then comes the songs from the children.

I haven’t mentioned the gift opening, that is the most fun part, as none of us know what is coming. The most bewildered will be my husband because he never expects anything and we always get him lots of things. We all love the surprises that come out from the coloured papers. Some cheeky gifts are in there too. This year my daughter may have few more presents to open than my son, I am not sure how that is going to go down. Will wait for the mayhem.

Today is truly a day to relax, enjoy and be loved. Have a great day everyone. Merry Christmas.

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