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Being Silly !!


We went out for a late night walk. We usually do on Christmas Eve so that we can become cold enough in order to enjoy our hot chocolate that we definitely have on Christmas eve. A family tradition that we do.

Of course, it was very cold but we were well equipped. I wore my husband’s long wool coat over my layers with beanie and gloves. I did over do it all. Once we were out I started teaching my kids silly moves and silly ways of walking with songs. There was nobody on the roads, few walkers like us and some cars going by. My family think I am much too childish and they laughed at me for my dancing on the road with half learnt songs and never knowing the correct words. There was no wind. Wind always seems to make everything much more chilly.

My son taught me how to be humble when I am wrong. He pointed out that I have a big ego and need to learn to be a bit more humble especially when I make mistakes. I always make mistakes these days during arguments about facts as I must say my memory is getting blurred with menopause. Never thought this would happen but it is hitting hard. That was my take for the new year, one more thing to do- be more humble. I will do it.

We laughed a lot and walked half an hour without even realising the time of the day. Learnt a new word yesterday which we do all the time- scurryfunge. Even though our house nowadays doesn’t get too untidy as kids are grown up, we still scurryfunge when we hear somebody is coming. Definitely need to remove the shoes that always are crowded at the entrance.

Scurryfunge – the word for this year’s Christmas (UK) – BBC News – 24th December 2021 – YouTube

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone. Be healthy, be happy.

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