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My mother has never drank alcohol. My dad loved and enjoyed alcohol in a controlled manner. My husband does not drink alcohol at all but loves to serve it. And me, of course, wait for the cocktails in bars or the gin and tonic at home. When my husband is around I can easily down a few drinks. Him being there gives me the confidence; in case I get out of control. I have never become drunk though. Still that bucket list to tick.

Life is full of positives and negatives. They are sometimes balanced or most of the times one outweighs the other. In our own heads we need to maintain a balance.

Pleasure pain which I experience after the intense workout session is exhilarating but then aso reminds of the muscle strenghtening that is required. When I first started core exercises I used to have constant pain in my lower abdomen almost as if there was an active wound. It got better in a few days.

Family, work, friends – what ever the situations, we need to be patient and let things settle down to get a balance of a happy medium. Be happy folks and enjoy the bittersweet cocktails of life.

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  1. So true! Life can be challenging at time but we don’t have to sit in a bowl of water to wallow in tears all the time .
    Sometimes when we are calm with ourselves we can still feel revived again..
    Sometimes we need to just chill out and ease out stress πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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