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Harsh weather with snow and ice, put me off running for almost two months. But now the weather is beautiful and I am back into running. The best thing is that a lot of calories are burnt in a very short time and I am done for the day in half-hour.

Of course, I have patience but when possible I prefer to do things efficiently. Running is an efficient way of exercising. It is something I took up last year. I never thought I could run but I am doing it. I am not good at it but it gives me the huff and puff with sweating. I absolutely love the feeling of achievement afterwards which is the case with any form of exercise. It is the starting bit that is so so difficult.

I am actually truly proud of myself for getting out there. When I started last year I used to get a lot of knee and booty ache. I looked up some exercises for runners pain and started doing them. The glutes, hammies and quads do have to be strong to make running bearable. Some days I feel the blood rushing into my knees.  It is only a feeling but it hurts badly. I always had this notion that my knees and back will get worse with running. I bought proper running shoes and also keep the impact low. My back and knee feel stronger now.

The red sweaty face must give me a hilarious look but can I care about it. Nope.  What I do care about is that it sure releases the endorphins and makes me feel happy.

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