My grandfather always insisted on the fact, that to be successful and happy, one has to be disciplined. He had his waking up, eating, snacking, exercise, sleeping and almost everything at a precise time and in a certain way. I absolutely admired him. Some people around him, could not understand why he had to be intolerant of irregular behaviours and habits. For him, success and discipline went hand in hand and with success comes happiness. Success is your personal choice so you can define it for yourself.

I still keep this in mind. The definition of success changes with priorities in different phases of life. Now when I see my children growing up, I feel each of them have different needs and success. My mother, on the other hand, has a totally different definition of success. I love the variety in life and so many variations of happiness and how to achieve them. How much more excitement do we need? Sit back and watch them all reach their goals.

We all think we can control it all. Can we really? I strongly believe in destiny but that does not mean I am not going to do my bit. I work hard and keep trying for a disciplined day all the time. Somedays I do fail miserably but I know I have to keep going. I will keep trying. I don’t worry about results too much, never have. My mantra is discipline, hard work and happiness.

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  1. I too believe that, in Jocko Willinks words, discipline equals freedom. It’s just so hard to maintain though. Wishing you the best with your own journey into discovering your potential in discipline.

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