COVID holidays have to be a staycation. What can I say; we are thoroughly enjoying, all of it. Wynyard Hall has majestic grounds around it. An excellent cafe with gardens is open now.
A cute English cottage to take photos around.64fed2b4-0f1c-48b7-8e2d-6295c865b680
The mysterious roots of huge, old, straight and wide trees. Not to forget the sun coming through the foliage.
 Straight and curved paths with flowers and shrubs everywhere.
The smell of these red roses.
Beautiful shades of purple. The most ideal weather these days.
 Different varieties to see.


Spot the bee.
 And wild enough.
 Rest those tired legs.

Making the most of tough and trying times. Latte, Victoria sponge and a five-kilometre walk through the gardens and woodland park. Enjoying the things around us brings a lot of pleasure and happiness and we have been exploring our local sites much more during this holiday.

8 thoughts on “Gardens

  1. Seems hard to acknowledge an upside to Covid-19, but the “encouragement” it’s given us to explore attractions near to home rather than visiting other, better known places that are further away has been a positive. And opportunities to snack on Victoria Sponge are always welcome!

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